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Yuriy Pichugin

B.Sc., M.Sc.


physical: Building 16.11 // The Station Crescent // Oteha Rohe
tel: +64 9 4140800 ext 43813 // email: ypichugi(at)


I obtained BSc and MSc degrees in Physics at Novosibirsk State University. The Bachelor thesis was devoted to solution of inverse light scattering problem in scanning flow cytometry. There I improved a spectral method, so it could be applied to the measurements of the size of cell nucleus. In the master diploma I solved another inverse problem: the aim of the project was to find lengths of cell cycle phases from the data for fluorescence of the labelled DNA.


I am interested in theoretical investigation of the origin of multicellularity.

Multicellular organisms evolved from the unicellular ones. There is a huge gap between unicellular bacteria and the simplest multicellular organisms. One of steps towards multicellularity is an emergence of cooperation between cells. But the cooperation is not enough, it doesn't transforms a group of cells into a single organism. There should be some other evolutionary steps passed on the way to that transition. My research is focused on revealing these steps.

My PhD project in Rainey lab involves a modelling of the evolution of multicellularity. This work is performed in a collaboration with another theoretician Eric Libby and experimenters Katrin Hammerschmidt and Caroline Rose.

Yuriy Pichugin